About Us

The English Chesterfield Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Chesterfield furniture and has been hand crafting its products in the North of England for decades.

Export expertise

Having such a rich history has meant we have developed a network of overseas partners resulting in weekly deliveries to countries across the globe. We have a track record of handling anything from individual shipments to full container loads and treat large or small orders with the same high level of care and attention.

Quality and heritage

Many of our team of over 40 full time craftsmen and women, have been with the company since it’s origins. They are meticulous in their craft and are used to working with only the finest quality materials. The consistency of the high standard furniture they produce is paramount to the company’s success and the foundation of our worldwide reputation.

10 reasons why you should choose the English Chesterfield Company

1. Completely handmade in the UK to order

2. Traditional British Craftsmanship

3. Decades of experience and knowledge

4. Network of trusted partners overseas

5. Track record of shipping overseas

6. Ability to deal with large and small orders

7. Beech hardwood frames

8. Premium quality leather

9. Stringent quality control

10. Bespoke options available

Why is the Chesterfield so popular?

The Chesterfield remains as much of an icon of British furniture today as it has throughout it’s history. It’s roots are shrouded in mystery but many believe the style owes it’s name and design to the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Phillip Stanhope, who was said to have commissioned the first Chesterfield sofa to be made in the 1800s. In those days the Chesterfield, renowned for having arms and back at the same height, would have been upholstered in fabric or leather and filled with horse hair to create the curved padding effect which is synonymous with the style. The famous deep buttoning or tufting was a technique designed to keep the filling in place.

Chesterfields were expensive items of furniture and revered by the upper class and gentry of 18th Century Britain. It’s perception as the Rolls-Royce of sofas has earned a desirability that has never waned throughout the centuries and is arguably, even more popular now than it has ever been. Seen as a status symbol to some and the essence of cool to the young, the Chesterfield is a British design that has proven it’s ability to transcend fashions in décor and is no longer seen as furniture only reserved for gentleman’s clubs and stately homes.