Decades of Experience

The English Chesterfield Company is home to a workshop of over 40 full-time craftsmen and women with decades of combined experience.  Individually they are masters of their trade and as a team, they are unrivalled in their ability to consistently craft some of the finest furniture found anywhere in the world.

Unlike many mass produced sofa products, our craftsmen and women handcraft all our furniture to order, adopting the same traditional skills and processes as you would have seen on display in an 18th Century upholsterer's workshop. Although some hand skills remain unchanged certain aspects of the classic Chesterfield design have been improved such as the comfort and fire retardence.

It's said that a true masterpiece cannot be rushed and the same can be said of our Chesterfields. Each product is subject to stringent quality control throughout its journey and it is only allowed to leave our workshop when we are completely satisfied with the end result.